Stolen Princess’s Secret

Stolen Princess’s Secret

Publisher: Harlequin Mills and Boon
Publication Date: August 2024

His princess from the past…
has a secret to change his future!

Kidnapped as a child, Crown Princess Claudia’s bold reappearance shocks everyone! Especially king’s aide and falconer Tomas, whose guilt over not saving her all those years ago still tortures him. Stunned by the beautiful woman Claudia’s become, he can’t risk giving in to his red-hot attraction…

Claudia is determined to convince Tomas that their chemistry can conquer their past. But after a tense encounter finally boils over into a scorching night of passion, Claudia wakes up with a life-changing secret… She’s pregnant, by a man who considers her utterly forbidden!

Must Love #4 is underway.

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Montana, it’s good to be back!

This story has a Nov 2024 release date and is currently a work in progress.

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