New Jackson Brothers covers and titles

Posted on July 16, 2016

Jackson brothers rebrand


My Jackson family series had a makeover recently, and it’s out with the sexy, brooding bad boy covers and in with something a whole lot more romantic.

I love that these new covers all feature a water horizon. Divers, boat builders, fishermen … together the Jackson brothers run the family marina on Australia’s east coast, and, as with those who work on the land, weather and the seasons play a huge role in their day-to-day (or hour-to-hour) activities. I like the water focus and the way the sea and the sky dominates.

As with all rebrands, there is now cover and title confusion. Here’s the cheat sheet:

The Courage of Eli Jackson = The Honeymoon Trap = Gamer Girl (on Wattpad) = and it’s also available in the 4 book multi-author Australian Bestsellers Collection

The Heart of Caleb Jackson = Sympathy for the Devil

The Downfall of Cutter Jackson = A Bad Boy For Christmas

There’s one more story to come, and if you’ve read the others you’ll know it’s about Jackson Nash, newfound half-brother to Eli, Caleb and Cutter. Poor Nash thinks distance is going to hold his brothers in check. I had He’s No Angel in mind for the title but I should probably call it The Delusion of Jackson Nash and be done with it.

By the way, the Australian Bestsellers Collection is 99c at the moment and is indeed a best seller on various platforms. Yay. This is the cover you’re looking for. All the pretty!

The Australian Bestseller Collection

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  1. Its been 5 years, will we ever get to read about Jackson Nash?

    • Hi Aliz,
      Jackson Nash is still on the backburner. The series didn’t sell particularly well. Even though these are some of my favourite stories, having set them very close to home, finances dictated I pivot towards different projects for various publishers. I’m so sorry to disappoint!

  2. Hey, Kelly – what about Zoey’s sister Sophie? I thought you might have paired her up with Jackson Nash? When is she going to get her story?

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