Outback Brides Giveaway

Posted on June 22, 2018

Contest closed: The Winner is Jaye Smith! Congratulations.

Outback Brides: The series we’re celebrating!


To celebrate all the reader love for the Outback Brides, I’m giving away a prize pack full of Aussie goodies necessities. Note the lack of Vegemite. That’s because Vegemite is not a necessity unless you’re fresh out of black shoe polish. The giveaway is open to international readers.

The Prize!Comment for a chance to win


Is there multi-tasking to be had around here? Yes, yes there is. Is there a secondary character in the series whose story you’d like to see writ large? Tell us who it is. Would you like to leave a heart emoji as a comment? I’m very fond of them. Want to suggest a name for the new itty-bitty-black-kitty? Because he still doesn’t have one and he looks to be getting a complex.

Winner announced Saturday 14th July 2018. Here on the blog and on FB.

Good luck and happy reading!

Buy links for various Outback Brides:

The Tule Website (lists links for all stories)

Maggie’s Run Book Page

Cathryn Hein’s Website

Victoria Purman’s Website

Fiona McArthur’s website











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  1. Kate Sparks

    Sounds like a really good series.

  2. Sharon Hill

    Would love to win a copy as I’ve not read any books in this series yet.

    • Thanks, Sharon. I’ll pop you over to the active giveaway competition! This one has closed.

  3. Yari Benitez

    This books cover looks amazing? I love it!

  4. Cheryl H.

    Lovely inviting cover art!

  5. Sunnymay

    Kyle is the secondary character that I would like to be developed in a new series.
    The black cat could be called Knight or Night.

  6. What beautiful young women on the book covers, drawing us into their stories! Each book is a tantalizing tale that I look forward to reading. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Sandie White

    I look forward to reading this series!

  8. Yaritza Santana

    This looks like a wonderful series. Thanks for chance.

  9. Catherine Lemanski

    Look forward to reading this series.

  10. Beverly Gordon

    I haven’t read these books yet but they all sound so good I don’t know if I could pick which one to read first so I’m gonna get all of them i can as for the kitty how about Morris or Frank heart emojis are always fun even if I suck at doing them <3 lol thank you for the chance and for introducing me to a fun new series

    • Thanks for commenting, Beverly. I’m glad the series has whetted your appetite. Good luck in the draw.

  11. Joye Isley

    Name the little black kitty. NOCHE. It is Spanish for night

  12. GirlfromWVa

    cannot wait to read this book and series.

  13. Dixie-Lee Campbell

    It is fun to enter great book wins…. and opportunity to read outback books.

  14. kim hansen

    New author for me exciting.

  15. Audrey Stewart

    What a great prize! I love a good gift bag! The kitty could be named B,B, Batboy. ❤️

  16. Jackie Tessnair

    Awesome!!!I am looking forward to reading this book.

  17. Lisa Bridges

    Our black kitty was named Cocoa but she was a girl. Casper?

  18. Shelly W

    I think you should name the kitty Taz. But I hope he is not the Tasmanian devil for you. LOL. <3

  19. Charlotte Lawson

    The name I would give the kitten…Trouble!!!???

  20. lisa markson

    cat name midnight

  21. Cheryl Wright

    I’m so glad to see there is no Vegemite included. I hate that stuff!

    It was forced upon me in childhood, and I refuse point blank to touch it as an adult. How anyone tolerates it, I have no idea. :)

    That Caramelo Bear looks yum.

    Love outback bride stories btw. In fact, any outback stories hit the spot.

    • HA! No vegemite fan here. I’m glad the outback stories are hitting the spot. Good luck in the draw.

  22. I really enjoy romances set in Australia and can’t wait to read your books. Regarding your cute kitty, my mom has a little cat she calls “Itty Bitty” but for a black cat I like Shadow or Darth Vadar.

    • Love Itty Bitty. Don’t think he’ll be very big at all. Good luck.

  23. Spicejac

    For the beautiful cat how about Nimrod or Trevor?

    • Trevor will always be Neville Longbottom’s toad, alas. Good luck in the draw!

  24. Gretchen

    I had a cat named Tommy so maybe that name.

    • That’s a sweet name. My old cat, who lived to 19, was called Julie. My then 5yo named her and to this day I have no idea why that name. Good luck in the draw.

  25. I think Smudge is a good name for a black kitty!❤

  26. Jackie Wisherd

    How about then name Itty-bitty Inky for the cat?

    • I don’t think he’s ever going to be very big, so Itty-bitty Inky is kind of a given. I can see this cat having a long list of names, frankly. And answering to none. Good luck in the draw.

  27. A name for the cat could be Charcoal. The books look good.

    • Good luck, Marion. Nice nicknames for within that Charcoal name too.

  28. How about Coal for a name. Thank You for the giveaway.

    • Thanks, Joan, and good luck in the draw. I was just thinking of Coal/Cole after Marion suggested Charcoal.

  29. Marilyn

    Midnight Shadow is a good name for the cat. Good giveaway.

  30. Karina Sabine Thibod

    You are all new to me authors and I would love to read Outback Brides. Thank you for such an awesome g iveaway. As for kitty bames how about Abracadabra,Obsidian,Cinders or Thunder.

    • Good luck in the draw and thank you for the kitty name suggestions!

  31. Gigi Hicks

    Hi Kelly, I am almost finished with Maggie’s Run. Maggie has been given the box to open and has gone through the contents. I haven’t found a secondary character yet that needs her own story. I have the other books to read. How about ‘Salem’ for the cute little black cats name.

    • Hi Gigi, I hope you enjoy the stories in the series and thanks for reading them. Salem is a cute name–although I suspect he’d become Sal in short order. It’s hard to give an Aussie a name that they’re not going to shorten. Good luck in the draw.

  32. Oh, wow, this prize is amazin! Thank you for the chance. We just got a cat, too. My daughter is reading 5 friends so the name of our cat is Timmy, lol. Blacky pops out when I look at your pretty cat :)

    • Blacky is pretty. Happy times with your new cat too and good luck in the draw. (will the name Timmy stick, I wonder?)

  33. Jinxy for the cat

  34. Kate Sparks

    I love books in OZ settings! Thanks for this one!

  35. Catherine Lemanski

    I have always liked the name of Midnight for a black cat. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.

  36. Jaye Smith

    I just love these books. <3

  37. Debra Shutters

    I fogot to suggest a name for the kitty if a girl Missy :)

    • My father’s name for me. That and blossom. Never gets old (although I am quite old now…). Best of luck in the draw.

  38. Debra Shutters

    I would love to win the giveaway and thank you for the chance :)

  39. Shannon Capelle

    ❤ Id name the kitty Spooky

    • He’s very hard to see in the dark. Spooky is about right, when he takes me by surprise. Good luck in the draw.

  40. Jana Leah

    Your kitty is adorable! How about the name Adrian?

    • He is adorable–my mother thinks he’s a pain, which makes him even more adorable ;). I know an Adrian. I’m not sure naming the cat after him is a good idea. Good luck in the draw.

  41. Charolette

    I would love to win a paperback thank you for the chance

  42. Kathleen Bylsma

    I’ve not had the pleasure of reading these but would like the opportunity! Thanks.

  43. Dixie-Lee Campbell

    Would be pleased to win and review ! Great stash !

  44. Diane Sallans

    I haven’t read a book set in the outback in a while – always enjoyed that setting.
    How about Pyewacket – when I was a kid my neighbors had a black cat with that name & it was also used in the movie ‘Bell Book and Candle’ with James Stewart & Kim Novak.

  45. Linda Romer

    Thanks for the chance!

  46. Sandy Pochapin

    A name for the kitty? How about Merlin?

  47. Christine

    Congrats on this book, and the rest of your 2018 releases! I loved Convenient Bride for the King, and hope to get a chance to read the Outback series soon.

    • Thank you, Christine. I loved writing those king stories. Full fantasy. Good luck in the draw.

  48. I have read the series yet. As for the kitty I don’t know his personality so I can say on a name. The last kitty I had before I figured out why my allergies were bothering me so much was based on his personality we called him tigger after the character in Winnie the pooh because he bounced sideways all the time.

  49. Carol Luciano

    Will try again since first one doesn’t show. Look forward to reading this series. A wonderful giveaway chance. When I was younger I had an all black kitten named Midnight. Then there is Ebony and I love the name Atticus even though it has nothing to do with the color black. :)

    • I’m leaning heavily towards Midnight as his name. Good luck in the draw.

  50. Tina Myers

    Love everything that you are showing!! Awesome looking books..

  51. Amber Terry

    Outback Brides looks so good…I love the Australian setting.

    I also love the black cat! :) He looks like a Midnight (I know, I’m so creative).

    (Thanks for the chance to win!)

    • Good luck in the draw. Midnight is pulling ahead as the name for the now not so itty bitty black kitty.

  52. Carol Luciano

    An awesome giveaway. I am definitely going to read this series. You’re a new Author for me so I’m so happy to find you & this series. Ebony is one name and I love the name Atticus for a name even though it has nothing to do with black. :) When I was very young I had an all black kitten named Midnight.

    • Good luck in the draw. Thanks for persisting with your comment. It got stuck in my spam filter.

  53. Can’t wait to read all four Outback Bride’s! Love all four fabulous authors, but have to say I’m a bit biased with Fiona a fav due to knowing and working with this amazing woman. Vegemite… good choice to leave out! Promite far better. We named our cat Moet as he is ‘champagne’ coloured. So perhaps Sambuca, Guinness or Black Jack???

    • Black Jack is an awesome name and I adore Fiona. A fabulous & accomplished woman. Good luck in the draw.

  54. Will try again for the 3rd time as my previous attempts have not shown up for some reason – fingers crossed it works this time.

    The obvious name for the cat is Vegemite but I also like Dejavu, Phantom, Einstein & Lynx

    The collection needs to be added to my never ending TBR pile as some of the authors are not ones I have read any books by before including yourself.

    Finally, thanks for offering such a great prize for one lucky person to win

  55. 2nd attempt as my 1st reply hasn’t shown up?
    Vegemite is the obvious name for the cat but I also like Dejavu, Einstein, Lynx or Phantom.
    The collection needs to be added to my never ending TBR pile especially as there are a few new author in it including yourself that I’m yet to read books by.
    Finally, thanks for offering up such a great prize that someone will be lucky ? enough to win ?

    • Sorry, Anne. Caught in my spam filter. I love all those names. Good luck in the draw.

  56. I’m thinking maybe Vegimite for the cats name or maybe Dejavu, Einstein, Lynx or Phantom.
    As for the books – they definitely need to be added to my TBR pile especially as some are new authors to me.
    Finally, thanks for offering such a great prize to a lucky ? person ?

  57. Deborah Johnson

    Looking forward to reading this series ???

  58. Angela Sanford

    You are a new author to me but I am going to rectify that. Your Outback Bride series looks awesome. I can’t wait to start reading them. Thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway ??

  59. Awww Vegemite’s not so bad. Maybe that should be the cat’s name. ;)

  60. Caroline

    Vegemite is a necessity (to me) – no quite up there with coffee but it’s in my top 5! Looking forward to reading the Outback Brides series

    PS Love Kitty’s eyes

    • Kitty does have pretty eyes. I think they’re turning gold. Good luck in the draw!

  61. Debbie Polito

    I love these books. Don’t have a lot of money. But I will take a chance and see if I win.

  62. Rebecca Turnbull

    My suggestion is Coco

  63. Gigi Hicks

    My post didn’t show up so I will try again.

    I just bought a copy of Maggie’s Run. I will have to let you know of any characters I think need a follow up story of their own. As for the name for the Black Cat, how about ‘Salem’. :)

  64. Gigi Hicks

    HI Kelly,
    I just bought a copy and I haven’t read Maggies Run yet. I will get back to you about secondary characters that deserve their own story after I read the book. :)
    But as for a name for the Black Cat how about Salem. <3

  65. Donna Robinson

    I haven’t yet read any of the Outback Brides series but they are now on my TBR list. I always like finding new reads, new genres and new books. Love the cat and think a great name would be Raven, being black and having the staring eyes like a raven does.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize. :)

  66. I’ve gone with food-related names for my kitties, I don’t know if that helps… Though I have to say, maybe Liquorice, etc. has been a bit overdone

    • Liquorice would give me eating ideas that I don’t really need, I suspect. Good luck in the draw!

  67. Karen Leeman

    Love those eyes so would name it Peepers

    • Good luck. Jeepers Creepers, I’d sing a lot if I called him that. FNothing wrong with that though. Good luck.

  68. Veronica

    We have a very naughty black cat named Nox. My daughter named him and apparently it’s something from Harry Potter. I love the covers on the Outback Bride series. I’m looking forward to collecting them all.

  69. ❤️

  70. Inky is a great name for him I think!

    The giveaway goodies are ideal for a winter’s night in ?

    Can’t wait to read this!

  71. Lynn Gillie

    Inky Seems an appropriate name for him.

    That package of goodies looks to me like an ideal winters night in!

    Can’t wait to read these.

  72. Patricia Binks


  73. Kirsty whitehead

    OMG I’m from nz and absolutely love these Australian outback romances ?

  74. Patricia Binks

    Another weekend coming up with nothing getting done with another great read to let myself just get carried away by your wonderful stories, love ’em keep the good reading coming thanks you

  75. Jenny Evans

    Wow what an amazing prize. Thank you for the chance to win. All the Aussie romance authors are awesome with all your amazing books. Cannot get enough.
    Thank you, look forward to reading Maggies Run
    Cheers Jenny xx

  76. georgette Evelyne

    I agree vegemite is only a necessity if your are far dinkum ozzie , I am Belgian / Australian now and still vegemite and marmite have not enter my shopping basket but my children and husband born a NZ love it . But books are my wat of life , I breath and read every books coming my way . I love reading but I am a very old bride of 50 years . Still these type of book are a breath of fresh air and a way of life so Australian.

    • I have Dutch relatives and adore both ways of life. In my world, there is no vegemite in either ;). Good luck in the draw and congratulations on your 50 years of married life.

  77. Jenny Evans

    Wow, what an awesome prize. Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize. You Aussie authors are truly amazing.
    Thank you
    Cheers Jenny xx

  78. Melanie bowers

    Prize looks awesome even without the vegemite !! I love a good book and a good cuppa and that cup looks perfect

  79. Jillian Howe

    Winston is a good cat name ?

  80. Claire Louisa Holder

    I’m so looking forward to this series, and reading your back catalogue

  81. Geraldine Furini

    Hi Kelly, so looking forward to reading Maggie’s Run which I downloaded on Friday night and it’s next on the list ❤️ A great Sunday night read me thinks and a first time read of your books.
    Oh what a cute kitty you have. The name ‘Sooty’ popped into my head as soon as I saw him/her. Looks like it may have recently had a close encounter with a chimney. ?
    Bring on the Outback Brides, it sounds like a wonderful series! ??

    • I hope you enjoy the story, Geraldine. Sooty is a sweet name for him. All black except for his eyes.

  82. Lisa howells

  83. Barbara Tobey

    Chessie for the black kitty as that is what I call the one that begs for food at my door. She has a few white stripes on her chest.

  84. I would live the chance to read your new book. I love and support all our aussie authors. Especially rural romance ones..lol.

  85. Lesley McIntosh

    Lovely looking kitten , could be called “Mischief” I think . We have a part Maine Coon called Charlie . Thanks for sharing all your goodies , I would love to be in the draw.

    • Mischief is a good fit, according to my mother. Good luck in the draw.

  86. Annette Hallett

    Can’t wait to read this. I love Australia n outback stories!

  87. Courtney

    Liquorice ?

    • I’d get hungry every time I called him. And then I’d raid the lolly jar. Good luck in the draw.

  88. Courtney Bridge

    Love reading your books, congratulations on being successful, thank you for the chance, awesome giveaway

  89. Whiskers, Mister Tom, Midnight, Felix.. i ❤ naming pets!

  90. Jaime Ferraro

    I have a lovely black cat and his brother is all gray. They were actually born in my house. They are now 8 years old and I don’t know who is more demanding, my daughter or the boys. She always tells everyone she has 2 brothers. It took me a while to figure it out and I don’t correct her any longer. Our boys are named: Diablo our black one and Macho is the gray one. My daughter said your little guy should be Shady or Shadow

  91. Love your books and thank you for a chance to win some Aussie necessities.

  92. Cassandra Jones

    Awesome giveaway!! The book sounds amazing!! ❤️

  93. So looking forward to reading this new book
    of yours. I hadn’t come across you yet, then 3 days ago someone shared your book on social media and boom…I now have four of your books waiting on my kindle.
    I have two cats, Djuna and Django, and a dog named Kalea. Good luck on finding a name.!

    • Thanks for trying my stories, Shannon. I hope you enjoy them and good luck in the draw.

  94. Melissa Woods

    Kelly, your new story, along with Victoria’s, Fiona’s and Cathryn’s have me so excited. They look and sound so good…..❤.
    I can imagine your kitty is an inquisitive little one too. Not sure of it’s a boy or girl, but I adore the name Jangles as a cat name. My cat is a black and white little girl called Jessie (courtesy if children and their ❤ if Toy Story 2).
    Congratulations in the release if your exquisite new book.

    • Thank you, Melissa. Jangles is a good name. My little cat is a boy, and would like to be a shoulder cat if at all possible. Good luck in the draw.

  95. I am looking forward to reading the Outback Brides books, Thank you for the opportunity to win. Have a good weekend.

  96. Caroline Storer

    Ohhh. Fabulous. Count me in. Thanks. Caroline xxx

  97. Renee Valenzuela

    So excited to start reading this weekend this series this weekend.

  98. Jan Vanengen

    Vegemite is a necessity for me! I had a black cat, actually two Fred years ago and Midnight. Lovely prize and will add my own vegemite that I smother on my toast not my shoes ;) <3

    • I can see this one being a Midnight cat. Good luck, Jan. Keep the vegemite ;)

  99. Margie bailey

    The kitten Mischievous looks ready to get in trouble,love your cover and would love to read your books.

  100. Eileen Wells

    I am so looking forward to reading this series. They sound wonderful and lots of fun.

  101. Sharon Seymour

    This looks like a great prize pack, Kelly. I would love to win it. How do you like Simba for a name? ?

  102. Pam Flynn

    Wow! This is so much fun to read about and to see this amazing Aussie series! Thanks for the chance!

  103. Elisabeth Ringvard

    I still remember the very first time I tasted vegemite. It was on my honeymoon. ☺

  104. Bonnie Jackman Gonza

    Name for a little black kitty ‘Nibs’ a little piece of black licorice.

  105. Brenda S Butler

    Thanks so much for an opportunity! Your cat doesn’t look to be very bitty haha As a dog person myself am at a loss as to what to name your kitty. How about Magic?

  106. Shelagh Merlin

    Loved Maggie’s Run. Just diving into Belle’s Secret. Secondary characters? Maggie’s friend Izzy might be a good one. I loved her level headed approach to Maggie madness. As for kitty names, ask the cat. My dogs all told us their names. Mind you our elderly mini foxie started off as Goldie and now tends to be called Cranky Pants.

    • My mother calls this little kitty Dennis the Menace. I don’t want it to stick, even if it fits very well!

  107. Amanda Gardner

    Kelly, Love your books!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

    You could name him any of one of these choices: Jet, Cole, Raven, Espresso, Licorice

    I had a female black cat that we named Panther (Unfortunately we didn't have her very long because she had FIP) and she was a little sweetheart for the amount of time that we had her.

    • Aw, sorry to hear about Panther. Love raven as a name. Heroine name!

  108. Darci sauer

    I haven’t read any of your books yet. Can’t waut to get started on the series. Thanks for the chance?

  109. Danielle

    These covers are awesome!! I can’t wait to get the books and read them!!! ??

  110. Blackie might be a good name. Or Mocha, I do want to read your books. Thank you for the chance your giveaway looks awesome.

  111. The book looks amazing! I’d love to read it. I’m new to your books and I’m glad I saw this contest. Thank you

  112. ? Smoky seems like it would fit that beautiful kitty!

  113. Love the name Vader for the kitty, because I have a “dark” sense of humor. lol

  114. April Lynn Baker

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway❤

  115. Looks like a good book to read

  116. Jodi Anderson

    Beauregard seems a fitting name for new kitty. Bo for short. ?

  117. Would love to win! Thank you for the opportunity!??

  118. ♥️ That kitty is adorable. Looks like a “Lucky” or a “Smudge” to me. ?

    • I think he’s lucky. I don’t subscribe to the unlucky black cat thinking. Good luck in the comp!

  119. Joanne Seaton

    I love the idea of a series by four awesome Aussie authors, who I enjoy reading. I am excited to have the opportunity to read and review all 4 books. Kelly you have definitely put together a true Aussie swag there, who doesn’t love Carmelo Koala and Rocky Road!! Plus to add your books and lots of other beautiful items to it, I so want to be the lucky winner. Thanks Kelly for the chance.

  120. I had a black cat named Duchess?? I’m fascinated by Australia! We had an Australian exchange student for 8 weeks when I was in high school and had a wonderful experience. Both of my cousins after college graduation went on year long tours across the entire continent. They worked their way through and their experiences, stories and photos are amazing. It seems like every book I’ve read these past 2 months (not on purpose) has been based in Australia. Looking forward to my first book club experience with y’all!

    • Welcome to Tule Booc Club, Laurie. I can vouch for Australia being a lovely place to live (isn’t everywhere?). Hope you get to visit here one day.

  121. I had a black cat named Duchess?? I’m fascinated by Australia! We had an Australian exchange student for 8 weeks when I was in high school and had a wonderful experience. Both of my cousins after college graduation went on year long tours across the entire continent. They worked their way through and their experiences, stories and photos are amazing. It seems like every book I’ve read these past 2 months (not on purpose) has been based in Australia. I’m looking forward to this series!

  122. Jane Porter

    I love all of you!!

  123. Jennifer

    ? the covers of the Outback Bride series, they’re beautiful!

  124. girlfromwva

    Cute lil kitty. “Inked” would be a name I would call him.

  125. I would like to know the salon girls stories. I think the kitty should be names Shadow. <3

    • I’d love Serenity’s story. Cathryn…!

      • Please make this series longer. I haven’t gotten enough of these girls and Wirralong. I think there are so many more stories out there to be told. There must be a lot of romance happening that we haven’t heard about yet.

  126. Helen Sibbritt

    Hi Kelly

    Fabulous I am really looking forward to this series.
    Oh your kitty is so much like our Sparrow my daughter named him after Captain Jack he looks very handsome names are hard to choose sometimes one of the characters names in the book I am reading now is Dean maybe James Dean JD for a name ??

    Have Fun


  127. ♥️ i like the name “midnight” for the cute kitty.

    • Me too. It reminds me of that illustrated kids book, “John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat”.

  128. Kimberly Field

    Looks like a fun prize and great stories! <3 I have had several black kitties and they were always the most loving of all my cats. My last one was named Friday, because I found him on Good Friday. Happy Release Week!

  129. Jacquie Biggar

    Love this cover, Kelly! I started the book last night and am halfway in love with Max already :)

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