The Honeymoon Trap goes FREE (briefly)

Posted on October 9, 2014

The Honeymoon Trap goes FREE (briefly)


Shy Eli Jackson and irrepressible Zoey Daniels have been gaming online together for years, so when they finally meet at a gaming conference and the hotel accidentally books them into the honeymoon suite they go along with it. They’re sensible adults. What’s a little luxury-room-sharing between friends?

Zoey and Eli are perfectly capable of ignoring the sexual chemistry that’s threatening to turn their friendship into something more. They have oodles of self-control. Plenty. And even if they were to indulge in honeymoon privileges, no one’s talking true love or wedding vows, right? Not at all…

Kelly’s teenage sons and their Friday night (all-night) LAN parties inspired this story. That and the fact that Kelly would regularly discover geeky, headphone-wearing gamer guys and their computers still in her house on the Sunday… This story – giving a geeky gamer boy a girl to remember? Payback.

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