Kelly Hunter Bestsellers – Top Three

Posted on April 13, 2013

Kelly Hunter Bestsellers – Top Three

Ask any author why some of her books sell better than others and chances are she’ll tell you that she doesn’t know. More publicity perhaps? A timely and influential review on Goodreads? Good cover/bad cover? A killer premise? Luck!

But over the years some stories consistently outsell the rest – the figures make this very clear, even if the why of it remains a mystery.

So here are my Top Three selling books, as of Feb ’13. In keeping with my confusion as to what type of stories readers would like from me, they’re all very different!

The Man She Loves To Hate (Aus Cover)


The Man She Loves To Hate: Otherwise known the Gondola Book. Set in NZ. Avalanche! Hypothermia. Lucky-to-be-alive  sex. A hero who goes after the heroine with all that he has and all that he is. The heroine draws Anime for a living.  I left out the rodents of unusual size seeing as NZ is distressingly free of dangerous/poisonous wildlife, but I did include True Love!





Wife for a Week (US Cover)


Wife For A Week: My first published book, otherwise known as The Hong Kong Book. The premise is, ahem, unlikely. The heroine is bright, bubbly and in possession of 4 overprotective older brothers and a funeral vase. The hero designs computer games for a living. The hero needs a pretend wife for a week – the heroine needs a cash injection. Shopping. Shoes. Hitmen! Personal growth. Independence. Forgiveness. True Love!  If this book ever turned into a cup of coffee it’d be 90% froth. There’s an expandabook version of this story (I added another 30,000 words) called The Trouble With Valentine’s Day.





The One That Got Away (USA cover)


The One That Got Away: Harlequin Kiss book #1, otherwise known as The Balloon Book (on account of the cover).  No balloons were harmed during the writing of this book, although I’ve pierced the heart of a few with a bow and arrow since (it’s very cathartic). Set in Sydney.  Heroine is a smart and savvy self-employed structural engineer. Hero is tortured, intense, difficult and best encountered within the pages of story. A reunion romance. If this book turned into a coffee it’d be a double shot espresso, no sugar and no milk.


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  1. Really enjoy all of your books, but the Bennetts and Wests stories are my absolute favorites along with “The One That Got Away”.

  2. Jo Fereday

    I may have contributed to No 1, buying two copies by mistake. As its based in New Zealand, just like me, I’m glad a snowy, hazardous Queenstown is top of the list.

    I’ve read the first two books (the third is bought and on the TBR pile), but my favourite of yours is by far and away “With This Fling”. The banter between the hero and heroine is unsurpassed. Which just goes to show, we readers of yours are a loyal, but unpredictable lot!


    • I’m really liking the thought that my readers are unpredictable in their reading preferences. Gives me lots of scope. And many thanks for buying 2 copies of the first one, especially when by mistake. Bonus for me ;)

  3. Kelly Hunter

    Hilly, FWIW, Ji and Jake’s story is probably my favourite too.

    • “FWIW, Ji and Jake’s story is probably my favourite too.”

      IMHO, that shows. You are sharing with us characters whom you adore, while deftly weaving in all the threads from past books. Clever and beautiful storytelling. It’s lovely.

      Do you have it in mind to tell Po’s story someday?

      • Kelly Hunter

        Honestly, I’m not sure. I revisit him in writing snapshots every now and again, just to see where he’s up to. If you click the sidebar ‘Po Bennett’ link you’ll find a few hundred drabble storywords there. I should probably put another one up soon.

  4. FWIW, I’m most partial to Her Singapore Fling.

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