Want To Review When Honey Got Married…?

Posted on April 19, 2013

Want To Review When Honey Got Married…?

When Honey Got Married...

You are cordially invited to the Louisiana wedding of the decade. On a beautiful spring evening, on the grounds of the Belles Fleurs Plantation, Honey Moreau will marry eminently eligible Brent Delacroix.

Love will be in the air…can anyone resist?

I’ve been waiting for this Entangled Indulgence Anthology to hit the e-book shelves ever since Kimberly Lang, Ally Blake, Anna Cleary and I wrote it. There we were, three Aussie romance authors, earnestly trying to channel our Inner Southern Belles and coming culturally unstuck at every opportunity. And there were a lot of opportunities! Fortunately, we had Kimberly Lang writing with us too, and Kimberly IS a most magnificent Southern Belle and all-round good egg. We gave her a new hat to wear – cultural ambassador for The South, and proceeded to bombard her with questions. Our creative skills blended beautifully, enthusiasm was contagious, mimosas are my new favourite thing and we’ve already cast the movie ;). I’ve never had this much fun writing story, and I truly believe that between us we’ve created a very special story world. When Honey Got Married… launches on the 1st of May ’13 (Isn’t that a nice day for a white wedding!).

If you’re interested in the casting of the characters (and the cars – we had to cast the cars) check out Ally Blake’s Pinterest board. It’s purty.

If you’d like to follow the countdown to Honey’s big day (and our book launch), see When Honey Got Married… on FB. We also have a website for Honey, because we just can’t let go.

If you’re interested in reading a review copy (and posting a review in the first couple of weeks of release) please fill in this form. We’d love to hear from you.

When Honey Got Married...

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  1. Shawn Y. Meadows

    To begin with, I didn’t really realize there were four stories in this book! I was offered it for review and I guess I just didn’t pay much attention initially. Four authors writing four (five really) stories that intertwined? I was a bit sceptical as to whether it would work or not. Boy, did it ever!

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