The Wests

The Spy Who Tamed Me by Kelly Hunter

The Final West (Book #4 of the West Family Series)

It’s been a long time between drinks for readers waiting on Jared West’s story. My 4 book series about the West Family siblings has weathered publisher line changes, divorce (mine), children growing up and leaving home (also mine, and go you sweet souls), the sale of the family home (alas), travel, doubt, self-examination, more doubt, […]

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Timestamps & POVS

Timestamps & POVS

I’m a fanfic reader and have been for years. There’s a freshness to fandom stories – a willingness to explore new ideas and examine old rules – that I just don’t find anywhere else. The writing quality varies. My responses run the gamut from ‘hell, no’  to ‘who the hell are you outside fandom, because, […]

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Hello, Lena  (West Family Series)

Hello, Lena (West Family Series)

I’m writing! Well, fixing… but it still counts. And if you’ve been waiting for the next book in the West Family Series and would like a sneak preview, here’s the prologue (which may or may not make the final cut): Prologue Seventeen-year-old Lena West didn’t understand the question. It had something to do with Euler’s […]

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All single mother Billie Temple wants is to trade her hectic Sydney lifestyle for simple country living and a place to call home. All widowed cattleman Adam Kincaid wants is for Billie and her son to go away.

    'A second-chance romance full of gentle humour, quiet strength and a deep understanding of what makes people tick'

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