The Final West (Book #4 of the West Family Series)

Posted on June 9, 2015

The Spy Who Tamed Me by Kelly Hunter

It’s been a long time between drinks for readers waiting on Jared West’s story.

My 4 book series about the West Family siblings has weathered publisher line changes, divorce (mine), children growing up and leaving home (also mine, and go you sweet souls), the sale of the family home (alas), travel, doubt, self-examination, more doubt, a metric ton of support from family and friends, new beginnings, a fire swamp and far too many rodents of unusual size.

So… I’m proud of this one. Proud to have written it and to have finally made good on the promise of a 4 book series that I made so long ago.

To my patient and supportive editor, a huge thank you.

To the readers who’ve waited for this one, a deep well of gratitude.

To Jared West… I didn’t kill you off, tough guy, and it was sooo tempting. I tried to do you justice.

I still believe in love.

And now for an excerpt:

‘Your reputation precedes you, Mr. West.’ Her voice came at him gravel rough with just enough honey at the edges to keep things interesting. She bent lower; she had to if she wanted to get a good look at his face. ‘You’re not as pretty as I’d been led to expect.’
‘Give me time. Bruises fade.’
She smiled at him then, careless and casual, and that smile…
That smile was a weapon.
‘Your sister suggested that you might want a lift up to the house. I have a car here.’
He’d noticed it. Black. Sleek. Probably armour plated.
‘Why all the security for the wedding?’ He’d noticed them – of course he had. Fully a quarter of the guests here tonight were special forces and plenty of them were packing. As was the woman standing in front of him.
‘You know the answer to that one, cowboy.’ She smiled again, more gently this time. ‘We’re here for you.’
‘You’re not my section head.’
‘And for that I am truly grateful. You’ve made quite a mess. Bravo. But the fact remains that we’re here to take you to Canberra and make sure nothing untoward happens to you along the way.’
‘Give me the weekend and I’ll go willingly.’
‘Mr. West.’ A murmur shot through with indulgence. ‘We’re giving you tonight and for that you should be grateful. You were due back two years ago.’

The story releases on July 1 in e-format only in the USA. It’s available now in both print and e format in Australia and the UK.

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  1. Anne McAllister

    So looking forward to Jared’s story, Kelly. Thank you for keeping the faith with the Wests and bringing him in from the cold. We’ve all been waiting!

  2. Congratulations, Kelly! –For making it through so much turbulence, for finding your joys amidst the jumble that life is, and for finishing the West family’s series. Thank you for wanting to tell Jared’s story to us and for persevering. I’m looking forward to reading it!

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