What The Bride Didn’t Know & The Night Before Christmas

Posted on November 23, 2013

What The Bride Didn’t Know & The Night Before Christmas

9780373207374I’m still working on trying to get The Night Before Christmas novella into Aus and UK digital markets. Contractually, they can go there but Kelly needs more clout. A bigger roar. A cattle prod!

Meanwhile, What The Bride Didn’t Know is getting lots of love from readers and from Romantic Times. A 4.5 star TOP PICK, an Editors Choice nomination for best KISS of 2013 and a November Seal of Excellence nomination from RT as well. They say:

“This is a really fun contemporary romance. It has it all, a long-simmering attraction, an exotic destination and amnesia! I do love soapy tropes, and Kelly Hunter really makes them work in her latest Harlequin Kiss title about intelligence team member Trig Sinclair, who has pined after his best friend’s younger sister Lena West for ages. When Trig offers to help Lena look for her missing brother, their mission brings them to Istanbul where the two must pretend to be married — and share the same bed. Category romances can be a really entertaining ride, and What the Bride Didn’t Know is a shining example of this. Read this one when you need to destress from Thanksgiving family time!” — Elissa Petruzzi

The West family series has been a joy to write. They’re mad for water sports (except for Poppy), all of them thrill seekers (even Poppy), and pretty much a law unto themselves. Look for Jared’s story in 2014 – he’ll finish the series. Jared’s really a law unto himself but I think I’ve finally found a woman who can challenge him, channel him, love him for exactly who he is. I feel like I’m slashing James Bond and M. Hard to say which version of M, or which gender. Hard to say which version of Bond (tho for the record, Daniel Craig  – loving your work). I want that smart, sexy, dangerous, invisible-swords  dynamic and I’m getting there.

But back to the now. Readers are really enjoying the Istanbul and Bodrum settings of What The Bride Didn’t Know. And every time a different story setting hits the spot I get to consider even more fabulous worldwide locations for future stories. Here, have some apple tea.

Drinking Traditional Turkish Tea


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  1. I have just pre-ordered The Spy Who Tamed Me, due out 1/4/15 thinking it must be Jared’s story (book 4 in the West family series) but having just scrolled thro Amazon it appears to be book 4 in
    a series with other authors. Do you have any idea when Jared’s story will be available please?

    • Hi Joan, The Spy Who Tamed Me is indeed Jared’s story from my West family series. I’d best have a look at the information up on Amazon as well, and have a chat with my publisher if it’s wrong.

      • Thanks for your reply re Jared’s story. I have just been onto your name in the Goodreads website and they still have the wrong book description under The Spy Who Tamed Me and the Amazon.co.uk site has this book listed twice, once showing it as Jared’s story and the other the same description as Goodreads.

  2. Love your work but after re-reading the Bennett Family what I really want is a full length novel which includes Yun and Nick and Po and Li-Li, preferably Po and Li-Li getting together. When I read the Luke and Jake stories I wanted to adopt Po, the child, but now, after thinking more about him, I want to have Po the man and what a man he is going to be. Please forget about your American sales and concentrate on the rest of us who don’t care about the nationality of the people only the character…and your’s are sooooo good.

    Keep on doing what you are doing but please do longer books, I’m sure your many fans will follow you whoever publishes you!!!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, Joan. I’m hoping that 2014 will be the year I finally tackle a longer length story. Though I have a couple of contracted shorter works to write first.

    • Joan, I do peek in on Po every so often to see if he’s ready to write. Not yet, but here’s a link to a short scene I wrote for Po earlier this year (though having said that, I suspect you’ve read it).

      • Thanks for both your replies and the link to Po. Yes I have already visited this page, many times, in fact every time I visit your site and still enjoy it so much.

        Loved Lena and Trig’s story and am now impatient for Jared, any idea how much longer?

        Bye the way I now have all your paperbacks and all those on ebook except for those mixed with other authors whose books I don’t want. Any chance Priceless and Misbehaving with a Magnet can be published as ebooks, either by themselves or together?

  3. The Night Before Christmas is now available for preorder on Amazon.co.uk and Apple’s iBook Store in the UK. The book is due to be published here on 15 December. I am glad that we don’t have to wait longer for it to be released over here.

  4. Oh, fingers crossed you get THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS into the UK market – well, Aus too obviously, but I’m just being selfish ;-)

    Would it help if readers contacted the publisher asking for it? I’m only one voice, but more than happy to do that! Or is it a bit more complicated than that?

    • Thanks for offering to Li, I appreciate that a lot but I heard tonight that it will be going into Aus and that it looks promising for the UK too. I’ll update as soon as a UK slot is confirmed.

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