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Posted on June 17, 2015

A few years ago, Amy Andrews, Lucy King and Heidi Rice asked me to collaborate with them on a 4 book contemporary romance series. I’d known them all for years, online and off. I loved their work and had helped them celebrate many an award win. We’d all written for various Harlequin imprints (and still do). Fair to say that in agreeing to collaborate, we knew what we were getting into.

Which brings me to the only rule I have when it comes to writing collaboratively: I have to like and respect the people I’m working with. 

Embrace the unexpected (it’s possible I have two rules), try and be a good communicator (three), be prepared to invest in other people’s stories (four), and be flexible with your own story plans (five).

In other words, don’t be a princess.

Be prepared to laugh a lot when someone finally realises that the 28-year-old twin brothers that no-one is using in their stories (other than peripherally) should probably have left home by now and not still be sharing their childhood bedroom. Because that would be weird.

Be prepared to start a discussion about whether stealing altar wine is a mortal or veinal sin. From there, Google-Fu though the realms of consecrated vs unconsecrated communion wine, and then move on to the ingredients with which altar wine is made. Start drinking early that day. Read both the consecrated and unconsecrated versions of Heidi’s opening line and decide you have the best job in the world (and that you’re going to hell anyway).

There was the manly rose-pruning secateurs debate (Lucy’s story to tell but we were all extremely helpful!).

The great asshole vs arsehole discussion.

We had a Guinness appreciation school (and a rogue Australian Lager, courtesy of Amy).

And next time we meet up in NYC there will be middys, schooners, pints, half-pints, mojitos, and a bottle or two of Argentinian red.

So. Four authors, four stories. They’re connected by the friendship of four women who went to a convent boarding school together. They’re connected by place – a family-owned Irish pub in Brooklyn called Sully’s. So many tiny interconnecting threads run through these stories and it’s best to read them consecutively. They’re told consecutively.

Each story riffs loosely off a fairytale. I chose the Ugly Duckling and immediately set about making my heroine feel ugly and unwanted. Because I love my job.

Our collaboration fed the muse and let the laughter in and I’m hopelessly proud of the stories we created. Look for my story on Amazon only, from June 19th onwards… and then Heidi’s (June 22), Lucy’s (June 26), and Amy’s (June 29).

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