New Beginnings, Montana & What A Bride Wants

Posted on March 16, 2014

New Beginnings, Montana & What A Bride Wants
Introducing Ella Grace from What A Bride Wants
Introducing Ella Grace from What A Bride Wants

Sometime late last year I was asked to write a bride story set in the fictional small town of Marietta, Montana (think Livingston, Montana). The people doing the asking were (and still are) a marvelously talented bunch of established romance, chicklit and women’s fiction writers. They’d created a publishing imprint for the stories, Montana Born Books, and indeed a parent publishing group as well, Tule Publishing Group. The stories would be professionally edited and copy edited. There would be cover consultation – yes, thank you Hell YES. I’d even get to write about cowgirls and the ranching life. I do enjoy my cows.

I said yes. And as I wrote my Montana Born bride novella I proceeded to fall in love with the land and with writing romance all over again.

The story is called What A Bride Wants. It’s launching the Montana Born Brides series – and keep an eye out for the rest of the author lineup for this series, because it’s star studded. The story will launch with Amazon at an introductory price of 99c and will then revert to a regular price of $2.99. Launch date is April 2nd here in Australia, April 1st in the USA. April fool jokes will abound but this isn’t one of them.

As for the story itself? It’s romance. Pure fun and fabulous small-town romance.

What a bride wants…

Ella Grace Emerson adores her father, but he keeps trying to marry her off to every eligible rancher in Montana. When he puts an ad in the paper on her behalf – for a docile house-husband – Ella retaliates with one of her own, pinned to the noticeboard of the local saloon. No husband required, housebroken or otherwise. What she wants is the perfect lover.

What a bride needs…

Newcomer Cam Sawyer is perfectly willing to tear up the sheets with Ella and be her partner in chaos. She wants a bad boy and he’s had experience aplenty. But what she really needs is a strong and loving partner, and until Sawyer stops running from his past he can never be that.

Sawyer’s the one Ella wants. But can he be the man she needs?

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  1. Bought it.
    Read it.
    LOVED it.

  2. Lilian Darcy

    Just one word for all this, Kelly…


    (Okay, one word and nine exclamation marks.)

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