The Jackson Brothers Duo on Sale Now

Posted on January 20, 2016

My first two Jackson Brothers, Eli and Caleb, are starring in a dynamic duo release. Why the duo format, you ask? When they’ve each been out singly for quite some time?


My stories often come in at around 30,000 words, which is too short for a lot of promo options out there servicing the netbyss. So… duo format makes sense. If you’d like to leave a review of the stories on the new format, I’d appreciate it and thank you. If you’ve yet to read the stories, let me introduce you to the two younger Jacksons.

Eli: The youngest, shyest, smartest and tallest Jackson brother. Not that he likes to brag. His brothers are out to find him a woman to love. And they succeed.

Caleb: Brother, fighter, lover, liar. Caleb has secrets that shouldn’t come out. But if he wants to be with the woman he loves, they’re going to come out.

Regular Retail Price is $3.99 but we scored some of those promo spots I was talking about earlier so we’re having a snap sale. 99c for a few days only! Some geo restrictions may apply.

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