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Posted on August 13, 2022

Must Love Babies audiobook cover

I’m so happy to announce that Must Love Babies, Must Love Cowboys, and Must Love Chrismas are now available as audiobooks. You should be able to find them wherever audiobooks are sold and maybe even in your local library (in the USA). They’re narrated by two outstanding voice artists, Amy Mcfadden for Must Love Babies and Must Love Christmas, and Amanda Stribling for Must Love Cowboys. Listen to them in order if you can (Babies, Cowboys, then Christmas)–this is a family series about five brothers and I’m working my way from youngest to oldest. As for the Montana setting, I need to get back there soon for a top-up. Livingston will do. Flathead Lake. Kalispell… The next two stories in the series are scheduled for release in 2023.

My 92 yo grandmother hasn’t read these stories–her eyes aren’t up to it anymore–so I’m especially thrilled she has an audio option to explore. Will she fast forward through the sex scenes? Probably. On the other hand, although these stories do contain descriptive or implied sex scenes, they’re not super raunchy. The Christmas story is downright sweet–it kinda went with the season.

What else can I tell you about them? I think these stories are pretty low angst. Written in times of global upheaval, I wanted these guys loving, loyal, and strong. They bring good times and stability rather than woe. And one last thing to mention about these stories… I’m proud to say they’ve all won awards.

Find them on Audible.

Must Love Babies audiobook cover

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